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‘I highly recommend this course, Gwyneth’s knowledge and excellent teaching skills have taught me so much, not only about crystals and healing but also about myself, it is a real journey of self-discovery and expansion.’
Crystal Healing Graduate
'Jen and I have had the most wonderul experience being students of the Crystal Healing Course for the past year. We have been supported us every step of the way in enabling us to understand and to love crystals. Certainly our lives have been transformed under your guidance Gwyneth, you are truly a fantastic teacher.'
Crystal Healing Graduate
'The course is flexible and can be fitted around personal committments. Learning about and experiencing the crystals is a privilege, but we learn so much more about others aspects of healing too. At the end of this year Gwyneth and the course will have enabled me to become an all round proficient healer.’
This is my first ever recommendation for a crystal healing course. I shopped and shopped for the best crystal course out there. Got burnt. Wasted money. Paid for courses that I did not learn much from. Most of them were theoretical. Book knowledge. I felt like I was being asked to learn a phone book or encyclopedia. I even studied with some famous names out there or with students of famous names out there. To no avail. They took my money but i was not better off. Finally, I prayed and prayed for the right teacher. This is when I discovered this online course which had just come out. Gwyneth's Crystal Healing course is the best. She teaches crystal healing the shamanic way. The way it should be taught. You work directly with the crystals. They become your teachers. Gwyneth empowers you to discover your own truth about the powers of the crystals. No more being confused by the thousands of books out there, trying to remember "what does this crystal do again?" Gwyneth moves her students beyond the model of "this color, or this crystal should be used for this condition or for this chakra." Gwyneth encourages you to tune into your own wisdom, the wisdom of your client and what is best for the session. In that moment. Not forever. Nor what worked for you in the past. Not what will work for you in the future. Just for today. She teaches you to learn to listen to the spirit of the crystal. To tune in. She taught me to develop my intuition, to become more attuned to the energies of the invisible worlds. It is not because something is not visible that it is not present. Crystals represent a live energy. Gwyneth teaches in an advanced paradigm. She teaches a science that does not fit into the old models of patriarchy or mental knowledge. Gwyneth teaches crystals in the manner in which it has to be taught. She gives you pointers and teaches you how to teach yourself. No one out there teaches like this. The people I worked with prior to meeting Gwyneth, would tell me "use this crystal for this, that one for that." With Gwyneth, you discover that you too are a crystal and you learn to develop your own relationship with the crystal beings. You become deep. You become strong. The knowledge you have, no one can take it away from you. It does not come from a book. It comes from the soul of the crystal to your soul. All of this, for a fraction, negligible portion of the price others charge. If you are serious about crystals, do yourself a favor. Stop looking. Take this course. I guarantee, you will not regret investing in Gwyneth's courses. --- Vivian Johnson, Esq., Virginia, U.S.A.
Crystal Healing Student
I just love this course. Every crystal is so special and I feel it heals diffent aspects of me / my life. Think the way you chose the crystal order (to work with) for this course is just brilliant Gwyneth. I really do not want to stop after want to work with crystals every day. Lol. You are my crystal guru forever. 😀 xx - Lisa S - UK
Lisa S
Crystal Healing Student
Gwyneth's crystal healing course is unique in that you are encouraged to focus on each crystal in turn, so you gain direct experience of them, which is much better than second hand knowledge from books. It is essential to really gain this understanding from the crystals themselves, and they can then teach you their wisdom directly. Once you gain this understanding, you can then apply this to the clients you will be able to give crystal healing to in your practice. Gwyneth is very kind and approachable, and will guide you through the course, at your own pace, and you can be sure she will give you the expertise that you would need to become a crystal healer. - Heather C, Cumbria UK

Meet Your Teacher

If you’re as passionate about crystals as I am I know that you can’t wait to start learning more about them.! When I began learning how to heal with crystals – the experience transformed my life!  That’s why I made it my mission to share that learning with as many people as I can. . . .I’ve been teaching my Professional Diploma one to one for ten years and now I’m delighted to offer three Professional Courses now as an online learning opportunity.  There is absolutely nothing I love more than to be able to help crystal lovers discover their own ‘inner healer’ and watch their lives transform as mine has.  I can’t wait for you to come on board.  You’ll learn so much – about crystal healing and yourself! See you on the inside.

With Crystal blisses 

Gwyneth Robbins Cox

Learn The Ancient Shamanic Art of Crystal Healing

  • Deepen your intuition and become a confident safe and intuitive healer with integrity.
  • Journey in depth with 20 crystals, know their energies and how to use them.  
  • Nurture your own healing journey and see how it transforms you! – Crystals are guaranteed to change you for the better!
  • The courses are designed to help you discover more about yourself whilst learning all you need to know in becoming a Crystal Healer.

The Journey to becoming a Crystal Healer is personally fulfilling and spiritually transforming.


  • Learn how to create and conduct a professional practice and how Crystal Healing really works.
  • Learn about the chakras, the aura and what we call the subtle energy bodies,  sacred geometry, gem essences, distance healing, meridian lines, affirmations and journeying with a client PLUS lots more.
  • Learn how the vibrational energies of crystals and colour work to create harmony
  • Practical healing is taught via guided videos which you can watch over and over.
  • Crystal attunements with mp3 meditations and instruction.
  • Information to print out and download in PDF format, comprehensive study guides and forms for your own notetaking
  • Enhance your learning through attending the regular bi-monthly zoom meetings online, to answer all your questions.

Your Learning Journey is not time or place limited

Whether you choose the 12 week fast track course (which allows you 9 months of access to your course material) or the longer 10 month version (allowing you 18 months access), you can set your own goals and fit in study around your lifestyle to suit you.  

Which course to choose? the 12 week fast track course is designed for those who don’t like submitting homework and want to work purely from a practical point of view, making their own notes and sharing via email or zoom as they wish.

The longer version is for those who wish to take their time and who want to approach their learning from both a practical and academic perspective.

Once you’ve successfully completed either the 12 week or 10 month course you may go on to complete a further four modules and obtain the full Crystal and Energy Healing Advanced Diploma.

All courses entitle you to be a part of our growing Crystal Heart Community, which is our accreditation body, presenting high training standards, code of conduct, support and network system.  

All courses are currently OPEN for registration.  The doors will close on the 12 week course on 31st July 2018 and open again on 30th September 2018.  If you’re not sure which course is for you, I’m happy to help you.  Please email me on [email protected]

As a special BONUS and because maybe you’re wondering whether learning to become a Crystal Healing Practitioner is right for you, I’ve created an E-book which contains information and those FAQ’s answered to help you decide.  This guide will tell you what you need to consider in Becoming a Crystal Healing Practitioner and all it involves.  To get your copy click here.

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