Frequently Asked Questions

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How long is the course before it automatically expires?

  • 2 years is the maximum allowed for accreditation. After that the course expires.

Why is the course this price?

  • This is a high quality course designed to produce outstanding world class fully qualified crystal healing practitioners.
  • Students receive  support at all times.
  • The course is more than just a healing practitioner course. When you begin this journey your life will change. It’s as much about self healing and personal transformation as learning a new skill.
  • You will also receive a high standard of feedback from Crystal Heart that amounts to one to one tuition.

Is this course certified and accredited?

  • This course is certified and accredited by Crystal Heart Community.This is a self-regulating body of graduates who have all been trained by Crystal Heart, adhering to the high standards of the training and the correct practice of crystal and energy healing. All of which is contained within a standard core curriculum.

Can I pay by installments? 

  • Yes 6 consecutive monthly payments is available at the checkout. Please note that payments must be timely or the system will shut you out. The total cost is more that the one time payment due to additional fees incurred in processing

Can I gift the course to someone special?

  • Yes you can apply for a voucher code that the recipient can enter at registration. Please note – Use the voucher request form to receive information on our voucher system and how to proceed. It is a very simple process. Go to the request form.

Will I have homework and how much time will I need?

  • You will need to spend a minimum of 10 hours per month
  • Much of it is an ongoing day to day process of working with the crystals personally.
  • You will need to find friends/family to practice on
  • This is not an academic course so you will not have to do lots of writing.

Can I create an income being a practitioner?

  • Yes you will have the skills on completion of the course to practice professionally. It can be in addition to a therapy business or stand alone. There are many ways to build your business and the Crystal Heart Community will help you with this