How long is the cookie duration set for?

365 days which means a referral that has visited through your link and returns within a year to purchase the course will be credited to you.

How do I create a campaign?

In your dashboard you can choose what page you want your link to point to and where you are going to promote it, which will create a campaign that can be viewed in the statistics tab.  For example if you want to make a blog post and have your unique link embedded within the post then just put blog in the campaign name box.  Your visits and unique links to the blog will be recorded in statistics.

What pages can I use to send potential referrals?

Because there is just one product and that is the course itself and the Advanced course there are not many pages to directly link to via your special link. As the Advanced course can only be taken if the Crystal Healing Practitioner Certified course is completed then it is recommended that your focus is on this. If one of your referrals goes on to do the Advanced course then you will be rewarded for this also even if it occurs anytime in the future.

 Depending on what your strategy is then you have to choose whether it is the main index page, courses page, or the sales page. Below the sales copy is the whole course set out in the modules format. It also appears in the side bar. There is no access to the course unless someone enrolls but there is a free lesson in module one that can be accessed free. Rose Quartz Aura Massage. You can tell people that they can access this free.

Why are affiliates not paid by referring the gifting facility to others?

Unfortunately there is no way of tracking the gifting method of payment to affiliates as it does not go through the payment processors but by an email invoicing method. 

Will I get paid in my own currency?

Yes you will. This is why we ask for your country when enrolling. You will be paid in your currency which will be converted from the exact US dollar amount due to you. This meams that you will not have to pay anyone to have your dollars converted to your currency.

Why do I have to wait a month before I get paid?

After a student has been enrolled a month and there have been no refund requests then you are clear for payment. Those that stop their payment plan at anytime after the first month will affect an affiliate payout.

What is the incentive to earn more monthly income?

If an affiliate has 2 sales and then gets a 3rd he/she will receive a 40% payout on all 3 sales. If more sales, 4 or more then the payout will be at 50%. Please note this is on a month by month basis only.