Crystal and Energy Healing Advanced Diploma


Crystal Healing Rocks!  Are you ready for the Advanced Crystal and Energy Healing Diploma?

By now you’ve more than dipped your toes into the magical pool of Crystal Healing.  You’ve completed 6 modules of the Beginners course and now you’re ready to rock the world and venture into the Advanced Diploma level!  

As we become more conscious – we become more open to the Light and Healing information that the Crystal Kingdom has to teach us . . .

In these further four extensive modules you’ll learn more about the reality of Crystal Healing Practice and how to work effectively and with integrity as a Healer.  My aim here, as your Tutor, is as always to nurture your intuitive, creative healing abilities in a safe and structured way and encourage your own creative healing flare.

What do I need to do to get the Advanced Diploma?

You’ve successfully completed the Practitioner Modules 1 to 6 and presented case studies to complete the Beginners course before you can move onto this Advanced Level.  You’ve shown empathy and compassion in healing practice with your case studies as we’ll be moving into much deeper areas of healing which require you to act strictly with confidence and integrity as the Healer.   As healers we are constantly learning through our own experiences in facilitating healing for others and our own self-healing.  By choosing to complete the Diploma Level you are showing that you acknowledge this and are open to the infinite teaching that working with Crystals offers you.  You’ll receive the full Crystal and Energy Healing Diploma certificate on completion and enjoy the benefits of full Practitioner status – Are you ready?   Briefly – On this course you’ll learn:

  1. Creating your practice.  Health and safety issues.  Professional ethics.  Affirmations and mantras.  Connecting to calcites and flourites.
  2. A brief overview of the meridian lines, taoist medicine principles and how crystals can play a part in this.  Connecting to and working with tourmalines.
  3. Working with inner child issues, listening, sympathy and empathy – self healing.  Working with children and sensitive people.  Connecting to celestite, herkimer diamond, iolite and ruby.
  4. Advanced subtle anatomy and healing techniques.  Working with groups.  Connecting to the Light Body – our place as humans on the Earth.  Connecting to golden healer, prescelli blue stone.

You’ll also need to submit a piece of written work on one of the following subjects.  No need to worry about essays – this is not an academic procedure but a fun project to indulge your creative juices!

  • A history of Crystal Healing
  • Crystals and Colour

You’ll submit two in depth real life case studies that have been a particular learning experience for you. Completion of this course will boost your confidence to feeling super competantt enough to build your own Crystal Healing Practice or add Crystal Healing to your established Natural Health Business.  The completion of your Crystal and Energy Healers Journey is just $400 to you right now. 

The world needs great healers – now is the time, come and join me today! 

Course Information

Estimated Time: 10 months

Difficulty: Beginner

Course Instructor

Gwyneth Gwyneth Author

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