Attuning to Rose Quartz and Contraindications

By now I hope that you’ve enjoyed working with clear quartz – so please go ahead now and attune to the energies of rose quartz.  Please find below an mp3 to guide you.  Spend a week experiencing the energy, sleep with rose quartz and note down all your impressions using the crystal attunement record sheet.  

Tip:  It’s good to attune to different pieces of crystal.  So if you have a tumblestone and a rough piece, try attuning to both and see if there’s a difference.

Also, attuning to crystals outside sitting on the Earth is a good experience too.  

Attune to Rose Quartz – Listen

Crystal healing needs to be practised safely and there may be times when crystal healing is not appropriate for an individual.  There are certain contraindications to crystal healing that need to be observed.  Please remember that as a student you are not obliged to practice on anyone who asks – if you are in any doubt at all about the wellness of someone or whether its appropriately safe to practice – then its best to ask my advice or to kindly say that its not right for them at this time.  I have attached notes on contraindications and also a client consultation form which you may use for your client case studies.


consultation form