Crystal Healing Certificate

Welcome to my Online Crystal Healing Course 

This Crystal Healing Course is a condensed online user friendly version of my crystal healing diploma on line and is fully accredited by Crystal Heart Community. My wish is to open up the opportunity for as many people as possible who genuinely want to learn about the magic of Crystal Healing and to practice with confidence, safety and integrity.  If you are reading this, you’re probably already a crystal fan and have some personal experience of crystals and energy healing. What’s will you learn here? On this course you will learn the basics of everything that is covered in my Professional Diploma Course through a series of six modules which will include video, pdf’s, mp3’s and full tutor support and mentoring via email, facebook and zoom meetings.

  • This is a part time certificated course that is for people who would like to learn the intuitive art of healing with crystals and energy.
  • The Journey to becoming a Crystal Healer is personally fulfilling and spiritually transforming.
  • You’ll learn to deepen your intuition and become a confident, safe and intuitive healer.
  • You’ll journey in depth with 20 different crystals, know their energies and how to use them Nurture your own healing journey and see how it transforms you!
  • Learn how colour, sound and plant energies can compliment your healing practice
  • Learn how to conduct a professional practice
  • Learn about the chakras, sacred geometry, the subtle energy bodies, distance healing, affirmations and journeying with a client PLUS lots more.
  • You can begin this at any time anywhere in the world and work it around your every day life schedule! You can complete it in 12 weeks but you have a full 9 months available.  This means you have access to all course materials here for 9 months.

The course is accredited by Crystal Heart Community which is an umbrella organisation run by the collectives of Crystal Heart School graduates and tutors.  Crystal Heart Community upholds an agreed standard Code of Conduct and Teaching curriculum for professional practice.  View here:  CHC code of conduct

What will you learn?

You can view some of the content by looking at the modules opposite. 

Self healing is really integral throughout this course and there are six mp3 meditation journeys for you to enjoy which help you discover more about what you need.  The crystals you work with are specially selected to enhance your personal healing journey.  You’ll receive the Crystal Heart School Crystal Healing Certificate once you’ve completed all modules satisfactorily, and submitted your homework.   

So who am I and why am I so passionate about crystals?

There’s no doubt about it – working with crystals and the journey to becoming a Crystal Healer will transform your life.  Taking this course is a unique opportunity for personal and spiritual growth.   So, as the tutor of this course – what’s my story and how did I come to love crystals?  Here’s a bit about my own journey.

I first came to crystals 18 years ago.  I was living in The Highlands of Scotland and knew of a Crystal Therapist, who lived nearby.  One day,  I was feeling out of sorts and she gave me a treatment, I was feeling quite emotional at the time, but afterwards I felt happy, whole, calm and able to cope with a new home and the stresses of life, in fact, I felt on top of the world! I came back to crystals a couple of years later after another major juncture in my life.  I had decided to do a Crystal Therapy course, after meeting a Crystal Therapist who worked alongside me in my Therapy shop.  The Diploma lasted for 2 years.  I had no idea then, how crystals would change my life!  Recent divorce had really brought me down and I was lacking in confidence and direction.  I was a little sceptical even though I had experienced the power of crystals already!  Over the two years of working constantly with many different crystals and doing more than 100 case studies – my life began to change.  I became more confident, I felt re-connected to who I am as a person and the path I wanted and needed to be on.  My sense of spirituality was strengthened but better still, I was walking my talk. I was so amazed at how crystals empowered my life that I wanted to share it with others and so for the past ten years I have been teaching a  two year Diploma Course as part of Crystal Heart School and following a standard course curriculum. My passion and dharma is crystal and energy healing and I want to share that with YOU.  

Are You Ready to Take This On and Begin Your Crystal Healing Journey? 

Learning about crystal healing is a shamanic pathway, opening up to the creative intuitive side of ourselves and acting from a point of deep inner knowing.  So, if learning about crystals as a prescribed ‘put this crystal here and do this’ perspective is what you were looking for – sorry this course is not for you.

By choosing this course you will deepen the trust in your inner intuitive  healer-self and its this element that will truly empower you.

I’m delighted to be taking you on as a Student of Crystal Heart School and I can’t wait to start sharing the learning journey with you.  You will ultimately be joining the Crystal Heart Community of Healers and sharing the love and knowledge of crystals and healing in your part of the world and beyond.

Thank you for choosing to take the first steps – see you on the inside of the course.

With Crystal Love

Rhosalaria Gwyneth Robbins-Cox, The Crystal Guru and Course Creatrix


This Unique Crystal Healing Course is absolutely packed with valuable content – it’s my life’s work and learning as a Healer and Teacher and Amazing Value £260 currently $325.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 3 to 9 months

Difficulty: Beginner

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Gwyneth Gwyneth Author

12 week Crystal Healing Course

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